Wedding crowns, tiaras and diadems – how do stylists advise to wear them?

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Every girl dreams to become a princess, to wear a luxury dress and a crown. This dream comes true at your wedding day!

This accessorize comes in three forms – a crown, a tiara, and a diadem. A few centuries back there was a huge difference between these terms, but now the difference between these decorations has vanished. A crown still stands out, for it’s a round shape single piece. Modern tiaras and diadems for wedding do not differ from each other; some models of diadems and tiaras with a peak in the middle are also called crowns.

What to pick for a wedding ceremony?

Diadems or tiaras look perfectly on a charming lady, and make a stunning combination with almost any wedding looks. A crown looks a lot more heavy, and is might be a challenge to wear it. The only exception is a small crown, which it attached to the hairstyle.

Some fashion stylists advise to make a choice taking the shape of girl’s face into account. Therefore, the type of your accessories will depend on anatomic shape of your face.

Oval face

Ladies with oval face can wear any type of tiara or crown – it will look amazing on them, however, such girls should avoid jewelry pieces with high peaks in the middle, as they will make their faces look longer than they really are.

Round face

Girls with round faces will look awesome wearing a diadem or a tiara with a peak in the middle – round face will look more attractive with it.

Triangular face

Some girls have triangular shape of face, and a tiara or a crown of equal width along the piece, with no spikes, will suit them well.

Rectangular face

These girls need a tiara with a peak of V-shape: it will make an illusion of a longer face, compensating rough lines of the face.

Girls should also select a tiara, which looks good with a type of hair they have. If you have dense hair with volume, you can select a big tiara, but if they are thin, it is better to select a narrower and a tinier model.

You should also notice what you select as accompanying accessories. Ideally, your wedding earrings, necklace, bracelet, and diadem must be of the same material, having the same type of gems or crystals in them. The main role must be by the crown or tiara, that’s why it is better to combine it with a thin tiny necklace and small earrings. If your wedding dress has decorations, they must also make a harmonic ensemble with a tiara. Remember, that a tiara won’t look best on you if your dress has a lot of crystals and other sparkling details. The more modest your dress is, the better the decoration will look on your head.

Diadem or tiara must not be placed on the forehead; this decoration must cover a part of hair, being under the angle of approximately 45 degrees. A tiara can be fixed to the base of your high hairstyle, so that the baseline is covered with it. A crown must not be worn on the forehead – try to find a smaller style, which doesn’t cover all your head. A small stylized crown may be fixed in the center of your head or on its side; thus it won’t add strictness and formality to your image.

Wedding stylists advise to do a trial makeup and hairstyle, so that you can see the possible variants and to choose what you like most.

Even if you don’t have a noble title, it’s not a reason not to wear a wedding tiara or a crown. Wedding is your day, and you can afford being a queen, a princess, or an emperor!