How many types of tiaras can you name?

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Diadem is a decoration for hair in form of a crown. It is not always linked in a circle; usually it’s an open crown. From the ancient times it has been a symbol of royal power. Having become a decoration, it is now worn for special occasions – wedding, homecoming, beauty contest, or a ball.


Tiara looks like a diadem, but has a simpler construction and almost the same width along the whole piece; it often has a small stylized crown. Diadems differ in size, height, fixing method, and design.


Diadems are made of all sorts of materials. A base is wound in a beautiful ornament, and is often made of gold, silver, or metal wire; it is decorated with stones, beads, pearls, and crystals.

Wire tiaras

These are among the cheapest. Handmade masters make wonderful diadems made of metal wire even without special tools. These tiaras can be made purely of wonderful stylized wire or decorated with stones and beads.

Beaded diadems

These look very tender and smooth. They are decorated with thin branches, leaves, and laced curls, in combination with beads and flowers. These are very typical wedding hairstyle accessories. Floral theme is now very popular, and is reflected in the style of diadems.

Flowered tiaras

Tiaras with real live flowers are on top of ultimate tenderness and feminine charm. Flowered wedding tiaras may also use leaves, branches, berries, or flower buds. It all looks fresh, charming, and simply spectacular.

Stone tiaras and Swarowski crystals tiaras

Such accessories are pieces of embroidery art; they are charming and sparkling. Crystals, Czech glass, stones, gems make these crowns look gorgeous, expensive, and turn a girl into a real princess. These are ultimate works of art, which are preferred by the most charming brides. These tiaras can be also used for special occasions in the highest societies. Gemstone crown diadem is the most precious masterpiece in this embroidery genre.

Band diadems and tiaras

Are fixed on the hairstyle like a normal band. It may embrace your head or take a more horizontal plane, like a crown. Sometimes they can use small combs on the edges. Such combs help to fix the accessory better.

Comb diadem

Decorative part is fixed with a help of a comb, which helps to fix the construction easily and reliably. It may be a small diadem, which would look charming at the base of a high ponytale.

Forehead diadems

Are worn on head, and descended down to the forehead. They were on top of popularity in the Renaissance period, and returned back to us with hippie culture. In a modern age, forehead diadems are charming lacey forehead decorations.

Greek style diadems

Simplicity, humbleness, and elegancy – this is what describes Greek hairstyle best, and a Greek style tiara is a precious gem, which decorates it. These headpieces use pearls, glass, stones, and usually use only one color. Geometric ornaments, palm leaves decorate hair curls, braids, and high ponytails.