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  • Bridal Hair Clay Rose Pins

    Product Materials: Polymer Clay, Swarovski crystal
    Product Occasion: Anniversary, Engagement, Party, Valentine's Day, Wedding
    Product Ships: Worldwide from Australia
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Buy durable flower-decorated hair pins at cheap prices

Search our selection of hair pins to find a perfect match for every style. Hair pins decorated with flowers and crystals at Luxurytiaras.com.

Keep your hair out of your face in style and create elaborate hairdos decorated with beautiful flowers with gorgeous, yet incredibly affordable hair pins from Luxurytiaras.com. Our hair pins are made by hand using high-quality metal bases, polymer clay, binding materials, and Swarovski crystals. During this unique process we ensure that all pieces and decorations are flawlessly fitted and securely held together, so when you buy a piece of jewelry from us, you can be sure that it will remain looking as new for many years even if worn every day. Wear our pins on a hot summer day for a cute, fresh look full of flower blossoms, put on a couple of pins to go with your light chiffon dress when going to a friend's wedding, or just wear one to work to keep your locks from distracting you.