Who among the celebrities promotes wearing a tiara?

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Tiara is a fashion trend, which is now becoming more and more popular not only for solemn events, such as wedding or a royal dinner, but also for more regular parties, or even a street style. Fashion designers have fulfilled the beauty of this accessory in their latest collections. Let’s see how they see it in the 21st century and whom should we thank for appearance of this wonderful beauty trend.

Since romantic patterns and femininity are adored by all fashion designers in their latest collections, it wasn’t so unpredictable that they’d remember an old tiara – a symbol of noble blood, grace, and ultimate female charm.

Modern tiaras look like bands, in marble hair of ancient statues, or baroque-style, with flowers and fruits, like Russian kokoshnicks, which have become a gem of Dolce & Gabbana collection.

Other fashion houses, such as Valentino, made their tiaras in a shape of high Victorian style hairpins, decorated with flowers and insects. Each tiara is surely a piece of art, decorating charming heads of queens and princesses.

However, this beauty trend might have already been forgotten among the centuries, if not the risk of some world’s most-well known celebrities.

Audrey Hepburn

This tiny charming princess had two tiara images in her movies – in “Roman Holiday” movie, where she was acting a runaway princess, and in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, where she played a silly young girl, and looked gorgeous in both images. However, this step was revolutionary, as up to mid 80s a tiara was only worn by the nobles.

Princess Diana

This prominent woman surely had many occasions, where she could wear a tiara, and she gladly made use of her position in this regard, wearing massive pearl tiaras for solemn events. They were accompanied by long dresses and pearl jackets. If the event had a more relaxed atmosphere, she wore a cocktail dress, wearing a brilliant lace on her head.

Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce

By the end of 80s this gorgeous accessory was noticed by pop culture. Madonna was the first to wear it on stage – this pop diva had small tiaras and massive oversized crowns decorating her head. We cannot say it has become a fashion trend at that time, as only the most prominent pop divas risked to wear it in certain periods of their career. Victoria Beckham and Beyonce made use of it much later. Beyonce made her royal crown a part of gorgeous image of a queen, and a visit card of her tour.

Kate Moss and Courtney Love

You cannot really tell that this is a noble accessorize, when it’s worn by such rebels as Kate Moss and Courtney Love. Kate with her slack style picture for Vanity Fair cover and Courtney, who came to an Oscar party with repulsive hair, which looked like it didn’t see a hairdresser for long – it was a challenge to the fashion world!

Almost 20 years later her image was remembered by Saint Laurent house, who combined images of fairies and bad girls on his run walk, some details in their images reminded Courtney’s outfit and tiaras of the 90s.

Miu Miu proposed to combine tiaras with the overcoats made of shining leather. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other fashion houses played with this accessory, making it look classy, turning it into a floral queen image, or futuristic, in a form of some lamp on head. In any case, it’s evident that it’s not a useless thing; it’s an accessory, which represents a new approach to fashion design – democratic and universal, with no limits for time and place.