How to select a tiara that matches you best

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Regardless of the type of event, the main secret of a perfectly matching tiara is in harmony between its size and anatomic peculiarities of a girl who wears it. With all its charm, it may look ridiculous if it doesn’t match your type of face, size, style, dress, or hairstyle. When you select this accessory, you need to take size and the hairstyle you are planning to wear it with into account. Think of an angle you want to choose for it and a hairstyle you want it to decorate. If you have any questions, it is always better to contact a shop or a designer. They may ask you to make a few measurements, to send a picture of your dress or future hairstyle. In this case, there is a bigger chance that you will be satisfied with your choice.

Ideal tiara should be:

  • Light, it is not supposed to be heavy and cause you any inconvenience
  • Comfortable to wear – it is not supposed to press anywhere on your head or behind the ears.
  • It is not supposed to slip down your hair or scramble in it; it must hold the hairlocks together.

How to select your perfect tiara and how to wear it?

Just like we told before, there are so many nuances that have to be taken into account. Think of the type of hairstyle you want to have for your special occasion. It must show your face in the best light, and look fine in combination with your dress. Ask a designer, make sure that style, size, and outfit highlights the best of you. Here are a few ideas on how to wear a tiara:

Greek Style tiara

This is a tiara, which looks awesome with Greek hairstyle. It is worn from the back, i.e. from the side of hindhead. Decorative elements on this band tiara are located near the temples, these may be beads, stones, gems, or laced curls. A girl can fix a few locks around the tiara; thus, this accessory will form and hold the Greek hairstyle. By the way, this kid of tiara will look great on girls who have short hair. Hindhead hair can be released to cover the metal band – and it will look charming.

Tiaras to wear on forehead

Forehead tiaras are also a very beautiful and fresh accessory. They look as a band, which repeats the curve of the forehead. This sort of tiara does not need any additional fixing elements. One brilliant positive feature is that they can be added to a ready-made hairstyle, without ruining anything in it. The main is to find an accessory, which corresponds the size of your head precisely.

Crown bands and stylized tiaras

Stylized tiaras are sometimes nice and beautiful metal stripes, and they absolutely don’t press behind the ears. They look well with short and long hair. They are often used in daily life, being a lovely accessorize, which adds some charm to your street style. Some brave girls wear them on the forehead, or even turn them upside down, and wear them around neck, making them look like a high standing necklace. Some of such crowns have pretty simple design, which does not attract much attention, making them just small tiny details of your street style, but not a heavy queen’s crown, shifting all attention on it.