How to wear a tiara for your wedding?

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Tiara is a very beautiful, though, quite demanding hair accessorize. Comfort and stylish position, nice fixing of it in your hairstyle – all these aspects are of top importance. In order to reveal its beauty in the best light and to combine it with the hairstyle in the best manner, a girl needs to know the unspoken rules of how to wear a tiara, taking its design, size, and type of hairstyle into account. A wedding tiara must look nice in combination with a wedding dress as well.

What are the main rules of wearing a tiara?

Rules for wearing this accessory depend on type of event, on your outfit, on the type of hair and hairstyle you have, and of course on the looks of accessory itself.

  • Thin tiaras with soft lines can be worn right above the forehead. If it’s a wedding dress, a bridal veil is not worn in this case.
  • A tiara on the front part of head near the root of the forelock hairstyle looks nice on those who have it.
  • Most frequently this accessorize is placed in the middle part of the crown. In this position, a tiara has to be under the angle of 45 degrees to head – an optimal angle, so that it doesn’t look too vertical or with unnatural tilt.
  • If a bride is planning to have a complex high hairstyle, it is possible to fix a tiara in such a manner, so that it embraces a lock of hair. If a tiara has good flexibility and is not too heavy, it can look very beautiful, adding some royal charm to your hairstyle.
  • You can also decorate only the top central part, fixing a comb tiara on it.
  • In some cases a tiara can be placed even on hindhead, for example, in combination with a Greek hairstyle.
  • If a tiara is in shape of a band, it is worn like a band, and its ends are covered with hair.

How to fix a tiara

Tiaras need a lot of your attention when you fix them in your hair. It’s not a hairpin, it’s a decoration for your hair, and they require additional fixing at well. Strewn with stones, this accessorize becomes quite heavy as well. If fixed not properly, this accessory may move, fall, or restrain your moves.

Comb tiara is the easiest option. It can be fixed in your hair like a usual decorative comb. Some tiaras have prongs on them, which go into your hair, helping to fix the accessory. But very often, it’s not enough, that’s why the most reliable way is to use invisible hairpins. They are crossed in ‘X’ shape, and a construction of several hairpin crosses can fix the tiara in multiple places. The selected hairpins have to be the same color as your hair, this will allow to make them almost unnoticeable.

Band tiara does not require additional constructions to fix it, the main trick is to select it in such a manner, that its dimensions correspond to the size of your head.

A tiara is much harder to be fixed on short hair. A hairstyle with smooth hair around a girl’s face looks gorgeous. In this case, it will be the center of everyone’s attention, the way it is supposed to be worn.

Girls with long hair often choose a tiara to combine it with Greek type of hairstyle.