How to choose the best tiara for a bridesmaid

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Wedding day definitely is a very special day in every girl’s life. Everything must be perfect, all the pieces of a big wedding puzzle must fit each other. So, a bride-to-be keeps in mind a huge amount of stuff to deal with in order to achieve the epitome of perfection. Clothing and accessories are one of the most significant points, and they deserve some extra efforts. Nowadays the bride-to-be often mentions the preferable color spectrum and the style of the bridesmaids’ outfit. Among all the accessories tiara is the most popular not only with the brides, but also with their bridesmaids.

Obligatory thing. In the wardrobe of a fashionable bridesmaid there must necessarily be a place for such a fashionable accessory as a tiara. Many fashion houses have chosen this accessory for their summer and autumn collections, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana. Designers created jewelry from a variety of materials: pearls, rhinestones, metal patterns and even diamonds can decorate this detail of the evening toilet. So everyone will surely find something special, even the most demanding fashionistas. Trendy tiara must be necessarily equipped with such elements of decor as braids or spikelets, flowers or leaves. The decor can be refined or, conversely, large, noticeable.

Modesty. When choosing a tiara for your bridesmaid’s outfit, remember, that it has to be solemn, but the bride is the one, who should draw everyone’s attention on the wedding day, so your look must be corresponding, but rather a modest one. There’s no need to mention, that the clothing and the tiara must fit each other, or at list tiara must go with other accessories or shoes. Sometimes it may contain the same flowers, as the bride’s bouquet does, sometimes it may be an echo of the bride’s tiara – the whole style of the wedding day often dictates these features.

To buy or to make. Nowadays the masters of handicraft perform really amazing and quite affordable masterpieces, that’s why you are to decide whether you will buy a posh tiara from a famous designer, or order it at your local talents – the latter variant will allow you to fit your demands in the most complete way, since in this case your accessory can be made according to the sketch or photo. And remember, that apart from fashionable look, your tiara must be first of all comfortable for you, since you are going to spend the whole day wearing it.