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Crystal Wedding Tiara Snezana
Crystal Wedding Tiara Snezana
Crystal Wedding Tiara Snezana

Crystal Wedding Tiara Snezana

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Rhinestones crystals, Silver plated winding line




Worldwide from Australia

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Product Description

Crystal Wedding Tiara Snezana

This grand tiara is an elegant pattern of silver or plated swirls covered in rhinestones. The elegant style makes this piece great for any bridal hairstyle. The piece ends with two virtually invisible combs that allow you to clip it right into your hair. This amazing and sparkling crown is perfect for a special day or event.

✿ Measurements:

Size of the crown: 11,5 * 6 cm
Weight: 51 g.

– Crown handmade in silver plating base and Rhinestones crystals.
– The crown perfectly adorns a range of bridal hairstyles.
– You can be sure your crown will last many years. It’s very sturdy and solidly built so you don’t have to be afraid of it falling apart.

Crystal Wedding Tiara Jodi

You will get the headpiece from the LUXURY BRIDES shop in a beautiful gift box.

If you are unsure about choosing a wedding accessory in our LUXURY BRIDES store, please send me your wedding dress or tell me about your wedding hairstyle for your most memorable day and I will help you to choose the wedding crown or tiara so you’ll perfect and sparkling looks in jewelry from our LUXURY BRIDES shop in your wedding a faerie moment.

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Luxury Tiaras’ online shop provides beautiful stunning Tiaras, Crowns and Wedding Decorations guaranteed to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day or other special occasions. Intricate detailing and balanced styling give this headpiece the potential to be a potential family heirloom. These tiaras are a bridal hair accessory like no other, truly the ultimate, and there is no other piece of jewelry that can replace the feeling of absolute grandeur on your wedding day.

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