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Crystal Tiaras

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Unusual crystal tiaras for brides, fiancés and bridesmaids

Find your perfect crystal tiara for wedding, prom, or party. Enjoy our cheap tiaras, quality pearls, rhinestones, and Swarovski crystals.

Turn into a real-life queen on your wedding day by putting on one of our exquisite crystal-embellished tiaras on. Each crystal is put in place by hand, ensuring perfect position, impeccable shine, and ideal security, which results into magnificent hair accessories, the quality of which exceeds the price by many times. Choose our wedding tiara Mermaid for a flawless nautical look at your beach wedding, go with the headpiece Galaxy to ensure that you and your new husband will have as many happy days together as there are stars in the sky, or select the tiara Butterflies for a grand, yet unusual accessory. Due to high quality of materials and careful work, our tiaras are very durable and easy to maintain - just wipe your accessory with a soft cloth dipped in jewelry cleaner, and it will be ready to shine again.