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A unique selection of tiaras styled with pearls and crystals

Do you dream of finding a perfect diamond tiara? At Luxury Tiaras you will find beautiful jewellery and wedding accessories for cheap. Just a little while ago rhinestone tiaras were considered something worn exclusively by royals and little girls. Luckily, recently everyday and wedding tiaras have been becoming more and more popular, being worn by celebrities and models during fashion shows. In anticipation of finding the perfect princess tiara below, we thought you might want to refresh the basic principles of wearing these unusual jewellery pieces like a queen:


First of all, plan on having day-old hair the day you need to put a tiara on. As gross and illogical as it may sound, doing this is going to help the wedding headpiece to stay secure in place much longer. If you absolutely have to wash your hair the day you plan to wear the jewelry, avoid using conditioner. Secondly, finish your hairdo completely before putting a crystal or pearl tiara on. This includes using hair gel and spray and letting the products dry completely. By doing this, you will ensure that your cute jewelry remains irresistibly sparkly and luxurious-looking.


When putting on your Swarovski tiara, angle it a little bit and carefully slide it onto your head in a way that allows its ends and prongs to go into your hair completely. Ideally, they should be hidden inside the locks of your hair. If the head jewelry wobbles on your head, use bobby pins to hold it down, ensuring that they closely match the color of your hair, they shouldn’t be obvious either, as it can ruin your look. Finally, if you you plan on wearing a veil with your luxury wedding headpiece, avoid pinning the veil to the tiara. It will tug on the jewellery, pulling out your hair and hurting you. Instead, secure the crystal jewellery piece in place first, then use bobby pins to attach the veil directly to your hair. Now that you know all about wearing gold and sterling silver tiaras, get down to business and choose one of our gorgeous pieces.